New Year, New You

After a lifetime of goals, self-flagellation, and "tracking," I'm not doing resolutions this year, but I am setting some intentions:

1. Welcome people over when my dishes aren't clean.
2. Eat freshly baked donuts joyfully and without regret.
3. When I have music in my ears and sun on my face, let myself do a little dance, even on a city sidewalk.
4. Stay up too late for good reason.
5. Abandon projects when my heart says it's time.
6. Sometimes say no to reasonable requests.
7. Show love vulnerably, especially when it's scary.
8. Apologize when it's needed. Refrain when it's not.
9. Forgive myself my trespasses: past, present, and future.
10. Screw up every item above on a regular basis. See #9.

Love to you all in 2019 in all your imperfect glory.