So Many Doors, So Many Gurneys

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ANNA. (via text) I just read the "cave cows" gchat we had and decided we need some sort of gchat-based book deal.
ME. (via text) Three words for you: No. Freaking. Doi.
ANNA. (via text) Duh Aficionado Magazine Presents:


From January...

ANNA. why do civilians say 'ER'
ANNA. and medical people say 'ED'?
ME. theory: the tv show
ME. which could not be called "ED" because people would think it was someone's name
ANNA. i like this theory
ANNA. but that show started in 1994
ANNA. and i'm pretty sure i never heard my mom say 'ED'
ME. well before that there was an old-timey radio show called "ER"
ANNA. oh right, and i forgot about the restoration drama "Le ER"
ANNA. by moliere
ANNA. so many doors!
ANNA. and gurneys!
ME. and of course eventually caveman drawings
ANNA. that's a clear endpoint
ANNA. with those cows
ANNA. the famous ones
ANNA. in france or something
ME. famous cave cows
ANNA. "cave paintings as explained by someone who hates cave paintings"
ME. they're just so overdone
ME. it's like, we get it with the buffalo
ME. show me something new


ME. also they are not cows
ANNA. i'm from wisconsin
ANNA. i assume everything is a cow until proven otherwise


ANNA. they really look like cows to me


ME. prove it
ANNA. it's literally called "The Hall of the Bulls"
ME. "There are almost 600 depictions of animals in Lascaux. The horse is the predominant animal whereas there is about the same number of stags, last come the ibex and bison."
ANNA. i didn't say there weren't other animals

ME. i do not see 'cows' on this graph
ANNA. aurochs?
ANNA. what?
ME. that's not a thing
ANNA. a fucking cow, that's what
ME. oh shit
ME. they are cows


ANNA. ok i just thought about this discussion
ANNA. and started convulsing with laughter
ME. i literally was just like
ME. "i need to write a blog post entitled:"
ME. "the time that anna and i had a massive fight"
ME. "about whether or not the cave drawings were of cows"
ME. but then i decided that title was too long
ANNA. "why aren't you and laurie friends anymore?"
ANNA. "cave paintings"
ME. "i don't want to talk about it"