The More You Know

A Few Random Things I Am Annoyed By // Excited About:

  • A joke idea, written in my Sitcom Script Idea Log back in August? Ended up on "How I Met Your Mother" this month. Like, THE EXACT JOKE. Clearly, I am a genius and should be hired by CBS immediately.
  • A dude from a successful, semi-famous local band (10,000+ myspace fans) has been in contact with me about doing female vocals for his new project. I'm intrigued, but hesitant. I mean, he knows I can't really sing, right?
  • The past three mornings have started out with me missing the bus. Because I was dry heaving. What? Immaculate conception a real possibility, but strikes me as unfair.
  • Monday night, I made butternut squash soup with the squash from our garden. Last night, I made butternut squash lasagna. Am hitting my Personal Limit of butternut squash. Further, our last remaining squash is wearing a baseball cap in the living room. Don't quite feel I can eat him now.
  • Spent a solid five minutes on the bus this morning trying to figure out what a woman's Halloween costume was supposed to be. Eventually realized she wasn't wearing one.
  • Dark chocolate infused vodka? Massive success. Pumpkin-infused vodka is in the fridge and I will have a full report in 2-6 weeks.

Please tell me your ideas for: vodka-infusions, blog contests, squash recipes, and false pregnancy cures. If your solution covers all four, my affection is yours for the taking.