Huck Finn + Carrie Bradshaw

me: so it turns out that estonia is expensive / difficult to get to
Anna: booooo
me: i know
Anna: if you go to slovakia, my friend jason knows some people there
me: no way seriously?
me: i'm all about meeting up with people that i only tangentially know
me: the only people i'm scheduled to visit on this trip are ex-boyfriends
Anna: ha
me: kat called it my 'tour de men'
Anna: "a trip through my past"
me: that could so rock oprah's book club
me: i can write about how i traveled across europe by myself
me: visiting all the men from my past
me: and discovered myself
Anna: you could make it good
me: i actually didn't think about this until just now
me: and i meant it as a joke but now i'm kind of serious
me: i could give it some ridiculous name
Anna: The Ex Change Rate
me: brilliant
me: it could be, like, half coming of age story
me: half "he's just not that into you"
Anna: you are like a combination of huck finn and carrie bradshaw
me: YES!
me: high waters and stillettos
Anna: i am trying to think of more titles
Anna: I Louvre You
Anna: Europed Me In
me: those are terrible
Anna: American Ex Press
me: omg stop