Tricks of Light

Tonight, I took a late bus home from work and I got off early so that I could walk past the Capitol. The Capitol is beautiful at night, all white and gold and glowing. It always looks fake to me, like a Hollywood cardboard cutout because how could anything so beautiful be anything but special effects and tricks of light.

It was late and the whole world was quiet and still and the Capitol seemed like a giant beside me, its marble statues glowed like lucifer with shadowy faces and watching eyes. Without thought, my feet turned down the path that leads up to the steps. I walked, slow and hesitant, feeling a bit like Dorothy as she trembled before Oz. As I stepped closer, this great, glowing monster seemed to grow larger and larger behind the winterbare branches overhead, still unwarmed by spring. But as I carefully climbed the stone steps, like Oz, the curtain fell and it was nothing but a building again, all marble and cobwebs and tricks of light.