The Leaving and the Left

Today marked my last day in the 813, at least for now. I was acutely aware of this fact throughout the day and was rather melodramatic about it, finding myself thinking things such as ‘This may be the last time I drive down Fowler Avenue’ and ‘This may be the last time I shop at this Target’. It rained all day and that was nice in a strange way. Tonight was my going away party at Jana's house. I am leaving some very good people here which makes me sad and happy all at once. I've said goodbye to more than my share of friends over the years but I’ve never been the one to do the leaving. I'm always the one left at the dock, waving a handkerchief to the shrinking vessel in the distance. It's a different sort of sad, being the leaving as opposed to the left, there's a different sort of ache in having to wonder if I've made the right decision, even though I know that I have.

And even though I know that I have, I still cried all the way home.