The Mirror That Changes

I keep writing things in this box and then deleting them because after all of this time, I don't know how to sum up the person that I've become and the amazing friends that I've made and all of the things that I've learned about myself.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have so many people in my life that love me so much and that make me laugh every day 'til my face hurts. Still, from time to time, I have those fleeting moments of a sense of loss for all of the things that used to be and can never be again. But those moments come fewer and further between these days and I know that soon they will fade away entirely.

And there's something very sad in that, too.

Soon I will pack my bags and move very far away and my life will change so much again. And again. And again. Sometimes it feels like just as I'm beginning to know my own reflection, I become someone new again. Or maybe I'm always the same and it's only the mirror that changes.