Every Little Thing

I've developed this weird crush on this city that I'm leaving. There's a little seafood market a block from my house and an antique store and a neighborhood bar and a butcher shop and a produce market. There are sidewalks and flowers and a cemetery and a lake and I know all of my neighbors. I've fallen in love with the ethnic grocers and the coffee mills and the cigar factories and the vegan carrot cake at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Last week, driving home across the bay at four in the morning, the moon hung so heavy over the water and the lights of sleepy downtown twinkled like stars and I wondered if any city could ever look so beautiful again.

I'm leaving for Madison in three days. I think that truly I am more scared than excited but I've had to be braver than usual lately and I think that it is doing me good.

I am learning more and more every day that the best thing that I can do, the only thing that I can do, is to approach every interaction and every decision and every experience with love and compassion. I hope you understand what I mean by that because I think that I feel more truth in that than I've ever felt in any church or temple. We've beat this thing to death by writing sappy pop songs about it but I think it's really true that if we do every little thing out of love then we can never do wrong.